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Cremation Services

We provide caring private cremation services for our pets. That means there is only one pet in the crematory at a time. Some crematories that operate in our area perform individual/separated cremations. There is a difference! Ask your provider! With Turner Pet Cremation, your pet is placed in the unit by itself with no other pets.


Urns & Other Products

We offer a wide variety of urns and jewelry, as well as customized nameplates, lasered markers and urns among other commemorable products.


Veterinary Services

We provide quality services for our Veterinary clinics which includes the highest standards of service for their clients. We also provide communal cremation services for those caring Veterinary clinics who want pets disposed of in a more humane way than sending them to local landfills.


Grief & Support Services

It is ok and natural to grieve the loss of your pet. We have listed support references for those who need more.

We take care of our clients. Whatever it takes!

We have served thousands of families over the years. Here are comments from a few of them.

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